< Guide Channel >
  For long stroke applications the guide channel is applied
to ensure that the nsb chain S-Type stays on track and
safety during operation.
Section of touching upper
and below each other.
Section of touching upper chain
and only nylon bar.

< Nylon Bar >
● It is a supporting unit for cable chain, when cable chain comes to C-Zone, it has a role of supporting upper cable chain.

Characteristic of nylon bar
1   Secure and stable structure!
    ● By bolting 4 bolts for 1 nylon bar(800mm)
● Narrow gap between bolting area as 300mm
    /100mm(Bolting gap of previous model was 398mm)
● By making 4 bumps per 1 nylon bar(800mm).
● It can avoid bolt loosening and guarantee
    long life span.
  ● As each nylon bar gets connected each other, it is more stable than
    previous one.
● Its design has been changed for being easy to assemble.
● Moreover, as there's no interval(gap), it can make smooth sliding as well.
2   Low dust!
● Same material with chain.
● It is low dust and anti-abrasively due to its raw material which is
    same with chain(Polyamide6+GF30%)
● By reducing narrow cross-section, abrasion part could be fixed
    regularly. It can make cable chain move smoothy and stably.
    It creats long life span compared to pervious model.

  Nylon bar type and size
  Nylon bar ordering
        Nylon Bar Type
                                                    -N : normal
                                              -R : RH
                                              -L : LH
      Roller Type


Length(mm) : Fixed
  Guide Channel Nylon Bar

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