Video Clip Roboway Robo-kit Distributor PAM/PAR UR.BAND

Cables and hoses that connected to Robot gun are exposed to a risk of damage from welding flame and abrasion. Distributor is connected with PAM tube which covers exposed area of cables completely so that they prevent from those external hazard.
  ※ Cables and hoses that comes out through the hole
   of RKTD are connected to 22, 28 and 36 size of tube
  It roles to connect each separated tube and helps for installation of RKTD  
        ※ VCG and RKSC are assembled
       inside of RKDC
  Assembly procedure of RKTD-702

  Fix a half part of RKTD to the bolting area of equipment by using screws. Place separated two tubes inside of RKTD Insert cables and hoses in the tube and pull off the cables that need to come out through the hole like in the picture
  Close the other half part of RKTD and
fix by using screws.
※Inserted tap is released by being assembled condition
Assemble tube over cables which are pulled off
through hole of RKTD
After assembling tube, fix the tube by using cap like in the picture
  Assembly procedure of RKDC-70

Insert cables through the holes of VCG

Insert tubes at both sides
Assemble RKSC at end part of both tubes

Cover RKDC over RKSC, VCG and fix by using screws

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