Characteristic Connectors


1. Easy to assemble and disassemble!
2. Intensified pull-out!
3. Diverse thread available such as G, M, Pg, NPT and UNEF!

● Possible to apply to a limited and narrow space as it is much smaller than previous version.
● Intension of pulling out with changed design and it protects tube and cable by removing sharp edge.
● We have diverse international thread standard such as G, M, Pg, NPT and UNEF.
● TNC & TWC series can be replaced with new product such as PNC & PWC series as thread stadnard is same.
● Easy to assemble and disassemble with tube.

● Protect cable more safely by removing sharp edge of internal tube!
  TWC-36      PWC-36
● Improved supporting unit is to protect tube from excessive bent condition.
    It protects tube and improves assembling performance.
  TWC-36      PWC-36

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