nsb 020CR
Chain material CPS-amide UL94-HB
Low Noise TUV Test 30 dB (DIN EN61672-1)
Low Mote IPA Test VDI 2083 CLASS 1
DIN EN 14644-1 ISO CLASS 3
Speed 5m/sec
Acceleration 15㎨
Temperature -30°C ~ +130°C
Other installation Length Vertical curve above = max 1.0 ~ 6.0m
Vertical curve below = max 5 ~ 100m
Side Mounted, Unsupported = max 0.5 ~ 3.0m
Applications Applied to clean room for LCD / PDP and Semiconductor
production Line requested Dust Requlation CLASS10,
furthermore to Automation Machine Tool and Industrial
Machinery needed high speed operation.

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