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CEO's Message
We are CPS,
realize the customer impression go over the customer satisfaction!

CP SYSTEM CO., LTD. is the leading company to develop the cable protection system and has produced the cable chain, flexible conduit, related connector and robo-kit. We are the only one manufacturer localize these all products and has produced and supplied until today.

All of our products are manufactured by the base on the quality control system of ISO9001(KOR-483-01) and
environment control system of ISO14001(K1356.05) and obtained the International Certificates such as UL, VDE, IPA, CE, TUV, ASTM and acquired NET Certificate(New Excellent Technology) from Ministry of Science & Technology. Furthermore, CPS designated as a Venture Enterprise, Promising Company and Favorable Exporting Company,
Technical Innovation Company(INNO-BIZ) and Management Innovation Company.
And also our company was awarded the Commendation of Minister of Ministry of Commerce,
Industry and Energy and the Commendation of Prime Mister and Commendation of Excellent Venture Businessman with our continual effort. The products of CPS have been supplied not only domestic market but also 23 countries including Russia,
Spain through the distributors and branch office and have been received good reputation from the customers by their nice quality and reasonable price. The portion of export is increasing every year with better quality control and establish the firm abroad sales networks.
And all members of CPS increase the productivity by the movement of minimize the defective portion and no accident.
We've been trying our best to develop the best product in the world by the development network between our R&D department and Industry-university cooperation and all products were testified through production test and reliability test with 3D simulation and the final production can be delivered with thorough quality control system.

We will do our best for technical development under management policy with inspiration of ownership sense,
automatize the production facilities, new leaping with technical innovation, progress the sales amount by quality improvement and also under the motto of "medium and small enterprise can be disappeared right after stop technical development" and serve to the customer with the best quality in the world and become a CPS can be actualized the Customer impression.

Thank you.

#27-37, Jeonggwansanggok 1-gil, Jeonggwan-Myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan, Korea
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