Company Overview

We, CP System move the hearts of customers beyond their satisfaction.

Current ~ 2010 2009 ~ 2000 1999 ~ 1993
2020 Development of NSB CRG(G-Clean Chain) type
2019 Development of Roboway RLF(Low Friction Type)
Receive a Korean Presidential Award for the start-up CEO
2018 Improvement of NHF’ feature
Development of Shift Chain Double Chain
Development of Cable Clamp
Development of Narrow Corrugated Flexible Tube
2017 3D Web catalog, Cardenas sevice started in Nov.
UL certificate obtained for CPSFIX P series connector, exclusive use of railway tube, RAH in Sep.
RC frame patent registered for exclusive use of gantry loader and robot carriage in Sep.
Exclusive use of guide channel for Long stroke cable chain patent registered in Aug.
System tie wrap patent registered in Jul.
Roboway system additional patent registered in May
New distributor in France, Decril contracted in May
Roboway system patent registered in Apr.
IP68 grade obtained for New one touch connector, CPSFIX P series in Mar.
RC frame for gantry loader and robot carriage developed in Mar..
Exclusive use of tube, CPSFLEX, PAM for robot launched in Mar..
Exclusive use of railway tube, RAH(EN45545-1) lauched in Feb.
2016 New one touch connector, CPSFIX P series developed in Dec.
Roboway trademark registered in Dec.
New clean room use purposed cable chain, asb series developed in Oct.
Roboway system developed in Sep.
2015 ROBO-KIT 22/28 size / RDD system developed in Nov.
System tie wrap developed in Jun.
nsb sliding cable chain developed in Mar.
Unity system trademark registered in Feb.
2014 a presidential citation awarded for developing excellent capital goods in Sep.
Unity system patent applied in May.
CPS LOGO trademark registered in Jan.
2013 Shift chain skid patent registered in Oct.
CPS’ plant relocated in Aug.
20nd anniversary of celebration hosted in Jan.
2012 Small hidden enterprise certified by IBK in Nov.)
USD 3 million export tower awarded in Nov.
Busan office registered in Apr.
Head quarter relocated to current place in Mar.
2011 Jeonggwan factory (injection, extrusion line) relocated in Nov.
New sabin chain IPA certificate obtained(IPA CLASS1) in Jul.
New sabin chain S-type patent registered in Mar.
Reliability certified to sabin chain in Feb.
2010 Clean room use purposed new sabin chain patent registered in Sep.
bending radius value possible controlled shift chain patent registered in Mar.
System guide channel patent registered in domestic market in Jan.